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Mu Feng

Executive Director and Executive Vice President of BGI Group and CEO of MGI.

Mu Feng participated in or hosted the completion of the International Human Genome Project 1% project, the Rice Genome Project, the National “Ninth Five-Year Plan” project HIV testing reagents, the SARS research of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the national “Precision Medical Research” project. He has led the development and application of multi-disciplinary and multi-platform products in areas such as reproductive health, infectious diseases and tumor disease detection, and published and obtained nearly 100 papers, registration certificates and patents. He was invited to participate in the "Innovative and Sustainable Development" high-level forum held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, the sixth China-Central and Eastern European country leaders "16+1" signing ceremony as a special guest, and gave speeches as a representative of BGI as the leader in the global genetics industry. Since joining BGI in 1998, he has held core leadership positions in research, intellectual development, industry, and regional fields. He served as the rotating CEO of the BGI Group in 2017. Mu Feng graduated from the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences with a Ph.D. in Genetics.

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